Artist Statement

artist image

My work explores the connection between the visionary world as experienced in altered states of consciousness and the collective human imagination of folklore and myth. The images I aim to create offer new synergies generated from both materialistic and metaphysical manners of understanding the world.

As explained by Dr MJ Winkelman “Similarities in psychedelic-induced visionary experiences and those produced by practices such as meditation and hypnosis and pathological conditions such as epilepsy indicate the need for a general model explaining visionary experiences. Common mechanisms underlying diverse alterations of consciousness involve the disruption of normal functions of the prefrontal cortex (PFC) and default mode network (DMN). This interruption of ordinary control mechanisms allows for the release of thalamic and other lower brain discharges that stimulate a visual information representation system and release the effects of innate cognitive functions and operators. Converging forms of evidence support the hypothesis that the source of psychedelic experiences involves the emergence of these innate cognitive processes of lower brain systems, with visionary experiences resulting from the activation of innate processes based in the mirror neuron system (MNS)”.

Ever since I was an child I have been fascinated by traditional understanding of the brain and mind, and the challenges to those understandings posited by the psychedelic state. Although the visions I bring forth are most often associated with the use of psychotropic substances, the science proves they are in fact innate to human consciousness itself.

My goal is to induce no less than a psychedelic state through my art, leaving the viewer with only a sense of unreality and the possibility of a new world unbounded by the rigid control of the default mode network of our minds.